If you are being investigated

or you have been charged with an offence

Being charged with an offence can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, impacting every aspect and facet of your life. You may face restrictions of your liberties, seizure of your property, as well as be subjected to a lengthy and complicated court process. It may also result in you having a criminal record which might have a dramatic impact on certain aspects of you life, including travel.

You have many rights to protect you. It is important for you to be aware of your rights throughout this process. You have a right to remain silent if detained by the police. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You will need the best legal advice and support to ensure your rights are protected.

It is crucial that you obtain experienced and trustworthy legal advice to deal with your charges. As a lawfirm focusing on the area of criminal defence work, we are committed to providing you with top quality legal services. Whether you attend our office looking for preliminary legal advice, require assistance negotiating with the prosecutors, or want us to advocate on your behalf, Beresh Law is dedicated to assisting you throughout your court proceedings.

Our lawyers provide legal support for all criminal charges, provincial regulatory offences, or professional association allegations. If you are facing a charge, whether criminal, regulatory or a complaint through your professional association, contact our office.

As in all aspects of life, decisions made with professional advice are our best decisions and those for which we do not have regret.

We are here to help you.

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