Nicole Pecharsky, B.Sc., J.D.

photo of Nicole Pecharsky, B.Sc., J.D. of Beresh Law

Nicole Pecharsky, B.Sc., J.D., is thrilled to be completing her articles under Brian Beresh K.C. at Beresh Law.

Nicole was raised in Lacombe, Alberta before relocating to Edmonton for post-secondary school. Nicole attended MacEwan University for her undergraduate degree. She received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction) and a minor in Psychology. Her supervised independent study project on crime statistics and interpretation bias motivated her to embark upon a career in the pursuit of justice.

Nicole graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2024 with Distinction and First Class Standing. Throughout law school, she had the opportunity to broaden her understanding on evidentiary issues and criminal procedure through both practical and research experience. In addition to taking courses on Advanced Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and Mental Health and the Law, Nicole gained practical experience through a Court Clerkship program. Shadowing Justices of the Alberta Court of Justice provided invaluable insight into the inner workings of the court system and the modelling of effective advocacy.

Throughout her studies Nicole worked as a research assistant on several projects. Notably, she employed her statistical background to research issues in cryptocurrency related litigation and the liability of influencers. Additionally, her statistical and criminal insight was employed to analyze the tendering of previously inconsistent statements as evidence in criminal proceedings. For her research work Nicole was awarded the Roger S. Smith Undergraduate Student Research Award in the Faculty of Law. For her writing skills, crafting a paper employing mathematics in the analysis of medical malpractice damage awards, Nicole was awarded the Jennifer A Miller K.C. Prize in Health and Safety.

Nicole’s research experience, extensive study, and passion for justice have made her a strong and meticulous advocate for those navigating the criminal justice system.

Nicole can be reached at or 780-421-4766.

Nicole’s Publications:

Moin A. Yahya & Nicole Pecharsky, Crypto-Litigation: An Empirical Overview for 2020-Present, 25 SMU Sci & Tech L Rev 195.